Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Tsunami (Japanese: 津 波; tsu = harbor, nami = wave, literally means "big waves in the harbor") is the transfer of water bodies caused by changes in sea surface vertically with a sudden. Changes in sea level can be caused by an earthquake centered under the sea, underwater volcanic eruptions, underwater landslides, or meteor in the sea or blow. Tsunami waves can propagate in all directions. Energy contained in the tsunami wave height is fixed to the function and kelajuannya. In the deep ocean, tsunami waves can propagate with the speed of 500-1000 km per hour. Equivalent to the speed of the aircraft. Deep-sea wave height is only about 1 meter. Thus, the rate of the waves are not felt by the ships which were in the middle of the sea. As they neared the shore, tsunami wave speed decreases to about 30 km per hour, but its height was increased to tens of meters. Tsunami waves hit can go up to tens of kilometers from the shoreline. Damage and casualties due to Tsunami can be caused due to hit the water and the material carried by the flow of tsunami waves.

The negative impact caused by the tsunami was damaging anything in its path. Buildings, plants, and resulted in human casualties and cause flooding, saltwater contamination of agricultural land, soil, and water.

The Greek historian Thucydides was the first name that associates with the undersea earthquake tsunami. But until the 20th century, knowledge about the cause of tsunami is still very minimal. Research is still underway to understand the causes of tsunami.

Texts of geology, geography, and oceanography in the past called tsunamis as "seismic sea waves".

Some meteorological conditions, such as tropical cyclones, storm surges can cause the so-called meteor tsunami height several feet above normal sea waves. When the storm reaches land, the shape can resemble a tsunami, although not a tsunami. Wave could inundate the land. This storm surge had inundated Burma (Myanmar) in May 2008.

The area around the Pacific Ocean has the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre (PTWC) issued a warning that if there is a tsunami threat in this region. The area around the Indian Ocean Indian Ocean were building Tsunami Warning System (IOTWS) will be based in Indonesia.

Historical evidence suggests that megatsunami may have occurred, which caused some islands to sink

Tuesday, February 28, 2012



Rain is the result of the evaporation of sea water due to sunlight. time the rain is different, there is a long time, sometimes rapidly. rain too many variations.

1. heavy rain
2. rain accompanied by wind
3. rain accompanied by thunderous
4. accompanied by the roar of wind and rain

rain, have a positive benefit. of which:
1. as conditioning
2. watering the plants - plants that are out by accident

on the other hand, has a shortage of rain. namely:
1. can cause flooding.
2. make the area more prone oblique
3. nest nyamk
4. source of disease

rainy season alone there.

so, the rain fell, but not every day depending on season.

Monday, February 27, 2012



compassion, is given to all men to give to the dearest person. compassion does not mean or do not necessarily love. as social human beings who would not stop her constant need of others, then we must show our love to them.

kinds of love
1. affection to God (Allah). or trust each
2. compassion for the elderly
3. compassion for the family
4. affection to a friend
5. affection to a friend
6. compassion for all

love is not just giving love for us, but our service as shown.
example: a student get the homework from the teacher. he did, he automatically so dear to his teacher reverse.

love is also not just for humans, also given to other living beings, like animals or plants.

therefore, give affection to everything on this earth.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

what is learning ?


learning is an obligation for a student as well as human guidance. study is not meant to be read, listen to, but also try new things.

learn not only science or general science. but, also there are others, such as

1. though not able to learn to be grateful.
when we go to school must get pocket money. regardless of the amount should be thankful or we receive what it is.

2. sincere though not willing to learn.
example: we only have 1000 money, but when the middle of the road there is an old beggar. we give money, even though we will lose money but we should sincerely.

save our world

protect me.

"I, the circle was just across the galaxy. I earth. first I was very clean and cool, the trees grow tall, many animals are still in the ecosystem. the birds still sing. and therefore, once I a pity as the inhabitants of this earth, but now, I never heard another beautiful bird, I could not see plants growing beautiful, the animals are nearing extinction "of the earth's heart's content. whether Earth will continue to be angry with us?? of course not. but if we have business to take care of the earth, the earth will love you the same.

among the causes of earth angry with us:
1. the more the heat of the earth. Earth getting warmer due to its barren forest areas, his bare hands was due to act of ignorant people.
2. depletion of the ozone layer.
3. extinction of habitats used much.

ways in which the earth more dear:
A. reforestation
2. reduce pollution
3. etc.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

traditional vs modern

vs. modern.

the world is now making progress in any field, that their original is now a modern traditional. many factories that have sprung up, skyscraper buildings grows, a variety of cars that can cause pollution. unlike before, when it was still traditional, it looks simple. the green of nature is still found many cows, horses, goats that used to roam in the meet. now only the lump are still visible. besides that, too, raises a wide range of modern harm, one example is, the loss of coolness and vacant land. why?? it all in because of land that should be occupied for the home made ​​in factories that produce hazardous chemicals.
it is also, in modern times led to the emergence of global warming. in addition to the negative impact of the modern age also have a positive impact, including
1. development of modern education that we can see, or we meet at the cafe booth.
2. speed up the lane information and communication
3. speed up the transportation lane
4. etc.

that's a picture of life in different periods

Friday, February 24, 2012



A leader is someone who has the top position. A good leader has good leadership, clear, and non-individualism. A leader is said to be good or wise leader if the leader has a certain criteria and successfully assume its members or its people or people without any disturbances, public demonstration, by the end of the period he led. Leader does not mean a 'president', but also other leaders. Like, the head of household, Head of School, Chairman of the Organization, Head, Regents, Governor, and others.

The task of a leader is actually the same, but only where he led a different or environment alone leadership. Among the task of leaders is as follows.
1. Able to provide welfare for the people / citizens.
2. Not looking at the rich, so that the poor who need assistance or just casually ignored.
3. Prevent the demonstration from the community.
4. Etc..

Of the task appear several criteria for a wise leader,
There are two kinds of criteria.
1. According to the leadership of a prophet,
a. Siddiq
b. Amanah
c. Tabligh
d. Fatonah

2. According to human leadership
a. fair
b. honest
c. non individualism

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Happy Caracter

Every human soul, must have each expression. such as happiness, sadness, difficulty, disappointment, amazement. like the picture above, it is an expression of happiness or pleasure, we can see from the look on his face. but in certain parts,
A. the eye.
2. mouth.
3. eyebrows.

the eyes of people who are happy are usually quite narrow sometimes it wide

mouth, usually wider

cheeks as exposed to the effects of a wide mouth, so, it looks a bit fat, or round.

Now how, your facial expressions? whether such criteria above ..?

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( Praying )

as Muslims, are required for them to pray. prayers can be performed alone or in congregation. however, the reward of the congregational prayers more than the prayer itself. according to many books, Al-Quran and Hadith as well. the reward of praying in congregation is 27, while his own was only 1. so, how?? wether your own prayer or whether congregation ..?
in addition, congregational prayer can also get closer to God as well as well as stay in touch.

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